losing the interest and trust i had in you

by flatsound



From me to you, here’s a free super lo-fi downloadable EP. It’s quality is nothing beyond late night tape recordings, so enjoy. Think of it as an “i’m sorry ICTYHWBD is taking so fucking long” album.


released September 9, 2010



all rights reserved
Track Name: losing the interest and trust i had in you
the night time painted circles on your eyes
the ones that scream that nothing is alright
and you promised me
we'd get some sleep
if you came inside
but you're too scared
to fall asleep tonight

no i'm not here to judge what i think love is for
i've made mistakes before
you said, "i'm not perfect
i think i'm quite the opposite
i'm nothing to adore"
i said perfection is opinion and nothing more

and you lied there with what confidence remained
and i can't hear what you say
but i do know this
you bruised your hips
on his bed frame
now i don't want to live to see the day
Track Name: when your plane lands
here i am, just like i promised
i'll be here waiting when your plane lands
i heard you flew here on an angel
you're so perfect, no ones as perfect as you

and you have the face of an angel
when i break it's special
when i break it's for you.
Track Name: i'm free
we drove with the radio on
it talked about god, until you told it to stop
and the flick of a switch said you can’t listen to this
it fills you with the thought that you’re afraid to exist
but i, i’m feeling holy tonight
just watch as my blood
is turned into wine

i know you couldn’t stand the man in the stereo
he talks about death and what scares you the most
he talks about god, like it was just a thought
and didn’t even mention the soul
what do i do with my soul?

i knew a girl who came to the coast
after leaving her own, in search of a cure
she said, “i’ll swim the oceans in Maine
and walk across every state just to hear i’m okay”
but girl, i see that look in your eyes
you’re in search of a light and i know where it hides

and she smiled as it swallowed the daylight
she said, “it’s weird to watch it in reverse
because the ocean where i’m from
is where the sun comes up
but its never felt like this

i’m free
i’m home.”
Track Name: they'll like me when i'm sick
hi, my name is none of your concern
just listen and judge me for what you think i’m worth
and you said i like the way your fingers play the chords
i like the way you make me feel at home

i heard you’re at it again
i just called to say i never left
and good luck, good luck, good luck i heard you needed some
if your father could see the mess you made he wouldn’t like it very much
you’re playing a game entitled, “hey they’re going to like me when i’m sick”
just don’t lie in the bed you made yourself and expect me to tuck you in
because i wont

because i liked the way my fingers played with yours
yeah i liked the way you make me feel at home.
Track Name: the repetitive nature of everyday life
it wasn’t a mistake - so please dont think it was
i know because i didn’t have a lot to drink
i just needed a bit for confidence
no, they wont find out
no one cares enough about
it to run their mouths

we can go upstairs for tea
i’d offer you coffee but
i’m not supposed to have caffeine
you can keep your body where you lay
just promise me, eventually
when you’re too scared to think
we’ll close our eyes and sing a melody

i’ll be the field you’re running through
when you’re too scared to face the things you do
you can hide out in my trees, cover yourself in leaves
just please, when you’re ready to go
try not to make it so painful

and you said this:
“is it repetitive, the way you live?”
Track Name: i've been thinking about you
there was an old women who said her goodbyes
by gathering everyone she knew and telling them her lies
“i wasn’t faithful to my husband, i lied to my friends
but in the end i was thinking about you”

when my mom had my brother she was no older than me
so why’s it so hard to imagine a family
where i’m the one in charge, and not just a kid
and i think of what she did

and then my mind tells me to stop, compare what you do
on top of everything she was just a child, too
she wasn’t giving up, despite the things she said
when she left she was thinking about you

i convince myself everyday i’m not going to disappear
you think i’d be okay with the thought after 20 years
but the ideas keep me up, and even if i could sleep
i wouldn’t want to dream, because i’m thinking about you
and it’s driving me mad

i don’t want to think about what we said
or have to justify why i stay in bed
instead of going out with my friends all the time

is it so hard to believe
that sometimes we
as human beings
get sad.